Ember.js and Rails code kit to get your Software as a Service application up and running in no time at all.

Uses Ember.js and Ember Data for the frontend application, and Ruby on Rails for the backend API

Warning: Emberkit is out of date

Emberkit is currently very out of date. Ember has very recently released a number of major upgrades. Emberkit has yet to be updated to conform with these changes. Whilst it still works and may still be useful to you, you might want to wait until emberkit is updated before purchasing.

Whilst some parts of emberkit, namely the rails code, might still have some instructional value, the ember parts illustrate some actively harmful practices and should not be relied upon.

I hope to update emberkit at some point in the future to the latest ember and rails versions.

  • Save weeks of coding!
  • User and organization management
  • Authentication and authorization
  • Complete subscription billing with Stripe
  • Clean, concise, well commented code
  • API security scanned with brakeman
  • Demonstrates Ember & Ember Data best practices
  • Comprehensive unit and integration tests
  • Styled with Twitter Bootstrap 3
  • Technical support included
  • Free updates forever
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

What is Emberkit?

Emberkit is a Software as a Service kit. If you want to build a monthly billed, subscription based web service, Emberkit could save you weeks of development time. It consists of a ready-made Ember.js frontend application and Rails backend API, with all the supporting features you'd expect, delivered as a ready-to-run codebase with documentation.

Emberkit allows you to skip all of the boring stuff and get right down to building the features that make your application special.

If you'd just like to see a concrete example of a non-trivial Ember.js and Rails application, an educational license which is priced competitively with a technical book allows exploring a detailed and well commented full stack application.

How much does it cost?

Educational License

For educational use only. Learn how to put together a full ember and rails application with well commented concise code.

Full license details…


Single Site License

For developers building a single website. You can use the code as the foundation of a single hosted service.

Full license details…


Multi Site License

Suitable for multiple websites from a single company, or agencies building multiple products for different clients.

Full license details…


What features does it provide?

  • User registration
  • Login & Logout
  • Forgotten password recovery
  • Creating and managing organizations
  • Switching organization contexts
  • Inviting existing or new users to an organization
  • Roles (normal user or admin) within an organization
  • Subscribing to a subscription plan
  • Upgrading / downgrading a subscription plan
  • Updating credit card details
  • Receipt emails when payments are successful
  • Reminder emails when payments fail
  • Cancelling a subscription
  • Subscription plan limits
  • Simple popup notifications
  • All emails for user and subscription events
  • Pushstate URLs in supported browsers
Have a look through the Cucumber features of the application:

In addition, you get a full example of changes you'd need to make to customise Emberkit into "Tomsterkit", our demo application which you can play with here.

What technologies does it use?

The backend is written using the latest version of Ruby on Rails. The frontend is written using the latest version of Ember.js. Both a javascript and a coffeescript version of the frontend code are provided.

Twitter bootstrap is used to give a simple layout, which you can build on or replace with custom css depending on your design.

The application is fully tested using cucumber and rspec, which you can build on to ensure everything continues to work as you customise your application.

What if I have problems?

Technical support is included so if you have any issues, get in touch and we'll be happy to help with them.

If you're still not happy, we'll give you a full refund, no questions asked!